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  • RADIO INTERVIEWS about David’s “CORONA PROJECTS” (March/April 2020)

    David about his current “Corona projects”

    Interview vum 28.03.2020 (Luxembourgish)

    Interview Radio 100,7 vum 07.04.2020 (Luxembourgish)

  • ODE TO THE HELPERS (April 2020)

    A special work in progress for all the helpers


    World premiere of the first movement of David Ianni’s special string quartet “Ode to the Helpers”. This work honors everybody on the planet who helps us to overcome the COVID19 crisis. The composition has four solo movements for the four string instruments, each representing a quality of a good helper: “Focused“, “Calm“, “Loving“ and “Strong“. After the presentation of the solo pieces, these movements are played simultaneously in every possible combination (e.g. alto/cello, violon 1/violin 2/cello etc.) including the four musicians performing their piece at the same time to form the grand final movement of this “Ode to the Helpers”.

    Performed live by Ilan Schneider, solo violist of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg, on 31th March 2020 in a streaming concert from his living room for the concert series “Live aus der Stuff“ by “Maskénada”, with the support of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture.

    Ein besonderes Streichquartett für besondere Menschen in surrealen Zeiten: ein Dank an all jene, die uns helfen, diese Krise zu überwinden. „Ode to the Helpers“ besteht aus 4 eigenständigen Solo-Stücken für 4 Solo-Streichinstrumente. Die 4 Kompositionen können beliebig kombiniert – gleichzeitig – gespielt werden, ob 2, 3 oder alle 4 Instrumente zusammen, um so jedes Mal ein neues Stück zu bilden. Der erste Satz für Solo-Bratsche wurde von Ilan Schneider uraufgeführt.

  • LIVE AUS DER STUFF (April 2020)

    Streamed live concert from David’s home

  • TOGETHER • Ettelbruck Anthem (April 2020)

    TOGETHER (Corona project for the city of Ettelbruck) ➝ info page

    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

  • ADIEU • First memorial video in honor of H.R.H. Grand Duke Jean (April 2020)

    Adieu Grand-Duc Jean – 23.04.2020

    In order to honor Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (05.01.1921 – 23.04.2019) on his first memorial day, David Ianni and his publisher Universal Edition invited musicians to interpret their personal version of David’s ‘Adieu’, a composition that he wrote after the passing of the Grand Duke in late April 2019.

  • PIANO SONGS • New solo album (June 2020)

    Piano Songs

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    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

    After releasing two albums in 2019, Farewell Prayers and Fir Dech Do - There For You, David Ianni is back with Piano Songs, recorded in 2014 at the Konzerthaus in Vienna.

    The cycle “Piano Songs” consists of seven compositions that David calls contemporary “Lieder ohne Worte” - “songs without words.” Energetic, dreamy, joyful or mysterious, they fascinate and captivate broad audiences with their very own language. Alongside these songs, the album also features more classical pieces like “Seven Waltzes” and “Piano Sonata No. 3”.

    Listen to David presenting his album on RTL Radio here and on Radio 100,7 here.

  • LAMENTO • Im Gedenken an die Opfer der Amokfahrt in Trier (Dezember 2020)

    LAMENTO ➝ info page

    Veröffentlicht am Dienstag, den 29.12.2020, 4 Wochen nach der Amokfahrt in Trier.
    Published on Tuesday, 29.12.2020, 4 weeks after the car rampage in Trier.