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Songs of Hope (2023)

12 piano compositions in all 12 minor keys. Composed in 2015.

Songs of Love – Volume 1 (2021, digital only)

24 pieces in all tonalities

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David Ianni’s Songs of Love is his most important piano work up-to-date. Work on the cycle began in 2015. Of the three volumes, two have been completed by 2019. Each volume consists of 24 pieces through all major and minor keys, reflecting the different facets of life. While every piece is a complete, beautifully crafted little work in its own right, with its individual architecture, atmosphere and compositional technique, the 24 miniatures of each cycle have been conceived to be performed and listened to as a whole. A selection of different “Songs of Love” has been featured in David’s MY URBAN PIANO project. The cycle has been the result of David’s lifelong pursuit of expressing the inexpressible through music. David Ianni’s “musical declarations of love to life” never cease to surprise, delight and comfort the hearts of the listener.

Release Concert at the Philharmonie Luxembourg (excerpt)

Timelessness (2021, digital only)

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With his new album Timelessness, pianist and composer David Ianni presents a selection of his orchestral works. His well-known composition “Adieu”, originally composed in 2019 for solo piano as a tribute to Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, opens the album in its delicately orchestrated version. “Vianden Castle”, a majestic and triumphant piece for large orchestra, is the official musical anthem for Luxembourg’s most visited sightseeing place. “Childhood” was written in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Luxembourg. “Heartland“ from David’s project MY URBAN PIANO is the anthem for Esch2022, the European Capital of Culture. “Train of Dreams” and “River of Love” were also a part of MY URBAN PIANO. “Prayer for Peace” for piano and orchestra expresses the composer’s yearning for inner and outer peace. “The Cloud of Unknowing”, commissioned by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture, explores deep states of consciousness through five movements in different orchestrations. The music was recorded in Prague with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Czech Studio Orchestra under the baton of Mikel Toms.

Follow Me Home (2021, digital only)

Originally recorded with cellist Lisa Berg (+2019) in February 2013. The music was composed for a documentary about homeless people in Luxembourg by “Stëmm vun der Strooss”.

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Piano Songs (2020, digital only)

After releasing 2 albums in 2019, Farewell Prayers and Fir Dech Do - There For You, David Ianni is back with Piano Songs, recorded in 2014 at the Konzerthaus in Vienna.

The cycle “Piano Songs” consists of seven compositions that David calls contemporary “Lieder ohne Worte” - “songs without words.” Energetic, dreamy, joyful or mysterious, they fascinate and captivate broad audiences with their very own language. Alongside these songs, the album also features more classical pieces like “Seven Waltzes” and “Piano Sonata No. 3”.

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Farewell Prayers (2019)

Farewell Prayers is David’s most personal album so far: contemplative and emotional piano music that centers around the theme of farewell. The album contains hits like “Adieu” and “Forever” in addition to three songs by Michael Patrick Kelly that the composer rewrote for piano and the five-part cycle “Adoratio” which is based on Gregorian chants.

Farewell Prayers ist Davids bislang persönlichstes Album: meditative und emotionale Klaviermusik, die sich mit dem Thema „Abschied“ auseinandersetzt. Neben Hits wie „Adieu“ und „Forever” enthält das Album drei Songs von Michael Patrick Kelly, die der Komponist für Klavier umgeschrieben habe, sowie den fünfteiligen Zyklus „Adoratio“, der auf gregorianischen Chorälen beruht.

Read the liner notes here (English & deutsch).

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My Urban Piano (2018)

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Prayers of Silence (2014)

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Night Prayers (2011)

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Debut Album – 25th Anniversary Edition (2022)

In October 1997 David Ianni’s debut recording with works by Beethoven, Rachmaninov and Scriabin was released. In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary this album is now available on all digital platforms.







Childhood (2018/2019)

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Fir Dech Do - There For You (2019)

Forever (2019)

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Also available on Farewell Prayers
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Adieu (2019)

ADIEU – A musical tribute to H.R.H. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg

Together (2020)

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Lamento (2021)

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Light (2021)

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Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.
Leo Tolstoy

Prayer for Peace (2021)

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Listen with ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love.






Children (2022)




Prayer for Peace – orchestral version (2023)

Wir müssen stets zu unserem Glauben stehen, dass es andere Wege zum Frieden und andere Mittel zur Ordnung und Entgiftung der Welt gibt als die Bomben und den Krieg.
Hermann Hesse


Chant – Amor et Passio (2011)

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Chant – Stabat Mater (2014)

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