Fir Dech Do • There For You

Télévie Lëtzebuerg is a Luxembourgish association that collects money for cancer research. Every year, RTL Télé Luxembourg hosts a big TV show announcing the results of the activities of hundreds and thousands of people who help to make this event a huge success. David Ianni composed the official title song “Fir Dech Do” (There For You).

Fir Dech Do (Luxembourgish version)

Gëff net op, bleiw net stoen.
Et ass keng Fro, ech si fir dech do.
Kuck no vir, well du bass staark.
Grad elo si mir all fir dech do.
(Lyrics by Martina Ianni, translated by Christiane Urwald)

There For You (English version)

Don’t give up, fight, don’t stop.
Whatever you do, I’m right there for you.
Do go on, I know you’re strong,
yes, it’s true, we all are there for you.
(Lyrics by Martina Ianni)

The touching album for Télévie Lëtzebuerg by David Ianni, containing the new Télévie Song FIR DECH DO in Luxembourgish and English plus 5 new recordings, incl. a duet with cellist Lisa Berg. The album features the choir “Muselfénkelcher Grevenmacher” and the “Télévie Quartet”. All proceeds go to Télévie.

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TV feature about the recording of the Télévie Song

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Radio feature about the premiere of the Télévie Song

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Radio interview about the Télévie Song

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Photos from the world premiere of the Télévie Song

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TV feature about the premiere of the Télévie Song

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Photos of the Télévie Piano

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Télévie Quartet
(from l. to r.: Georges Majerus, recording engineer / Ryoko Yano, violin / David Ianni / Anik Schwall, cello / Ilan Schneider, viola / Andrii Chugai, violin / Diane Wunsch, coordinator of Télévie Luxembourg)

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Chorale Muselfénkelcher Gréiwemaacher
(after the recording of “Fir Dech Do” & “There For You” at Tritone Studios in Berdorf)

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With Lisa Berg
(July 2016)

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Live performance at Télévie Lëtzebuerg YouTube
(April 2018)


Premiere of “Childhood Memories op. 123”

The fee for this commissioned work for the municipality of Schifflange (former home town of David Ianni) is donated to Télévie.

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