News Archive • 2023

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  • DE KLENGE GNOM • Premiere 10 Years Ago

    De Klenge Gnom • Premiere 10 Years Ago

    On 19th January 2013 David’s children’s opera “De Klenge Gnom” (The Little Gnome) was premiered in Luxembourg. Watch the live recording and listen to the studio recording here:
  • TENDERNESS • Music Single (February 2023)

    Tenderness • New music single

    “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard

    My new single TENDERNESS is a musical depiction of the love between two human beings. You will hear two voices in a constant dialogue, loving and supportive of each other. May we be kind to one another, may we be kind to ourselves.

  • PRAYER FOR PEACE • Music Single (February 2023)

    Prayer for Peace (Orchestral Version) • New Music Single

    Wir müssen stets zu unserem Glauben stehen, dass es andere Wege zum Frieden und andere Mittel zur Ordnung und Entgiftung der Welt gibt als die Bomben und den Krieg.
    Hermann Hesse
  • SATURN TRANSITS • For Wind Orchestra

    SATURN TRANSITS • For Wind Orchestra

    Commissioned by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture for the “Luxembourg Wind Orchestra”. Composed between April and May 2021. Premiered on 12th March 2022 at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg by the LWO.

  • YOGA TEACHER • Ein Neuanfang / A New Beginning (August 2023)


    In summer 2023 I completed a Yoga Teacher Training course (200 hours/RYT 200) at the Yoga Vidya ashram in Bad Meinberg and received the spiritual name Jnanadev. This was the next logical step after several years of intense Yoga practice.
    Im Sommer 2023 habe ich im Yoga Vidya Ashram in Bad Meinberg die Yogalehrerausbildung (200 Stunden/RYT 200) abgeschlossen und den spirituellen Namen Jnanadev angenommen. Nach mehreren Jahren intensiver Yogapraxis war dies der konsequente nächste Schritt.
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  • SONGS OF HOPE • New Album (November 2023)

    Songs of Hope • New Album