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Pianist and composer David Ianni from Luxembourg has become well-known for his project MY URBAN PIANO for which a series of nine music videos was produced in different European Capitals of Culture. An original composition was dedicated to each city and performed on an artistically designed piano. The pianos were donated to institutions of the cites.

David’s music is highly sophisticated and rooted in the tradition of classical music, yet easily accessible for everyone. Each of his compositions is unique and touching, celebrating the gift of life, the treasure of peace and the blessing of forgiveness. Being a genuine communicator both onstage and in life, David loves to work with people and is capable of inspiring others with his enthusiasm and love for life. Among others, David has worked with children, cancer patients, refugees and disabled people. The powerful beauty of his music unites people regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, social status or age. David strives to leave a positive impact through his musical projects on everyone involved. Several albums with his music have been released to great public acclaim. His works are published exclusively at Universal Edition.
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New collaborative music project • FREEDOM (December 2021)

Release on 24th December 2021

Composition and music video VIANDEN CASTLE (November 2021)

Single and music video released on 19th November 2021

Orchestral anthem for Vianden Castle, commissioned by “Les Amis du Château de Vianden“. Previously released on David’s album “Timelessness”.

Music video by MR Films.

I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions.
Saint Teresa of Avila

New single & concert – PRAYER FOR PEACE (October 2021)

Released on 29th October 2021

Listen with ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love.

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Interview RTL.lu (30.06.2021):

New single – LIGHT (September 2021)

Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.
Leo Tolstoy

Originally composed for CSI Luxembourg in 2019.

News Archive

  • SONGS OF LOVE, VOL. 1 • Solo album & live stream (July 2021)

    SONGS OF LOVE – Volume 1 (July 2021)

    24 pieces in all major and minor keys

    Released on 1st July 2021.

    Interview radio 100,7 (30.06.2021):

    Release concert on 1st July 2021 at the Philharmonie Luxembourg (➝ more infos & tickets). The cycle cannot be presented in its entirety, but David will play a selection of his Songs of Love.

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    David Ianni’s Songs of Love is his most important piano work up-to-date. Work on the cycle began in 2015. Of the three volumes, two have been completed by 2019. Each volume consists of 24 pieces through all major and minor keys, reflecting the different facets of life. While every piece is a complete, beautifully crafted little work in its own right, with its individual architecture, atmosphere and compositional technique, the 24 miniatures of each cycle have been conceived to be performed and listened to as a whole. A selection of different “Songs of Love” has been featured in David’s MY URBAN PIANO project. The cycle has been the result of David’s lifelong pursuit of expressing the inexpressible through music. David Ianni’s “musical declarations of love to life” never cease to surprise, delight and comfort the hearts of the listener.

    Release Concert at the Philharmonie Luxembourg (excerpt)

  • TIMELESSNESS • Orchestral album (June 2021)

    New album & release concert: TIMELESSNESS (June 2021)

    More infos about Timelessness on the Discography page.

    Release-Konzert von David Iannis neuem Album „Timelessness“ im Schloss Vianden, das u.a. „Adieu“, „Childhood“ und „Prayer for Peace“ für Klavier und Orchester enthält. Ein Highlight von Iannis Album ist die Komposition „Vianden Castle“, eine feierliche Orchesterhymne für das Schloss Vianden. Aufgrund der Pandemie ist eine Uraufführung mit Orchester leider noch nicht möglich, aber es wird dennoch eine Werkeinführung durch den Komponisten geben.

    Im Andenken an die beiden Musikerinnen Anne und Françoise Groben hat David Ianni ein Werk für Klaviertrio geschrieben. „Cantus Pacis“ wird gemeinsam mit Dominique Poppe (Violine) und Claude Giampellegrini (Violoncello) zur Uraufführung gebracht (Instagram Post). Desweiteren spielt der luxemburgische Musiker Eigenkompositionen für Klavier solo.

    Photos of the concert by Lugdivine Unfer.

    Interview radio 100,7 (17.06.2021):

  • DEBUT CONCERT • 25 years ago (June 2021/1996)

    25 years ago: David’s debut with orchestra (13th June 1996)

    Debut concert by 16-year-old David Ianni, recorded on 13th June 1996 at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg. Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg conducted by Jean-Pierre Faber.

  • UELZECHTKANAL • TV Feature (June 2021)

    David visits his old school with actress Brigitte Urhausen. In Luxembourgish.

  • WÄISS A SCHWAARZ • Auftritt radio 100,7 (May 2021)

    David Ianni spielt und erläutert seine Musik (May 2021) ➝ radio 100,7

    Sendung vom 02.05.2021 (radio 100,7):

  • LAMENTO • Music Single (April 2021)

    LAMENTO music single (April 2021) ➝ info page

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    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

  • MORNING RITUAL • World Premiere (March 2021)

    World premiere of “Morning Ritual op. 126” (March 2021)

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  • OBERWEIS • Commercial (March 2021)

    Music for new Oberweis commercial

    For the first time ever, David allowed his music to be used for a commercial. Jeff Oberweis’ new Koa’O line combines delicious, artful compositions of mostly vegetal and vegan ingredients with a sustainable concept that reduces food waste (the cocoa pulp is not thrown away anymore but used to extract the Koa juice) and helps farmers in Ghana to generate 30% more income. More informations about the Koa project can be found here.

  • FOLLOW ME HOME • New album featuring Lisa Berg (February 2021)

    New album “FOLLOW ME HOME” feat. Lisa Berg

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    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

    Originally recorded with cellist Lisa Berg (+2019) in February 2013. The music was composed for a documentary about homeless people in Luxembourg by “Stëmm vun der Strooss” (➝ press release).

  • ADIEU • Orchestral Version for Grand Duke Jean’s 100th birthday (January 2021)

    Orchestral Version of ADIEU for Grand Duke Jean’s 100th birthday➝ info page

    New orchestral version and music video
    celebrating the 100th birthday of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg
    (05.01.1921 - 23.04.2019)

  • LAMENTO • Im Gedenken an die Opfer der Amokfahrt in Trier (Dezember 2020)

    LAMENTO ➝ info page

    Veröffentlicht am Dienstag, den 29.12.2020, 4 Wochen nach der Amokfahrt in Trier.
    Published on Tuesday, 29.12.2020, 4 weeks after the car rampage in Trier.

  • PIANO SONGS • New solo album (June 2020)

    Piano Songs

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    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

    After releasing two albums in 2019, Farewell Prayers and Fir Dech Do - There For You, David Ianni is back with Piano Songs, recorded in 2014 at the Konzerthaus in Vienna.

    The cycle “Piano Songs” consists of seven compositions that David calls contemporary “Lieder ohne Worte” - “songs without words.” Energetic, dreamy, joyful or mysterious, they fascinate and captivate broad audiences with their very own language. Alongside these songs, the album also features more classical pieces like “Seven Waltzes” and “Piano Sonata No. 3”.

    Listen to David presenting his album on RTL Radio here and on Radio 100,7 here.

  • ADIEU • First memorial video in honor of H.R.H. Grand Duke Jean (April 2020)

    Adieu Grand-Duc Jean – 23.04.2020

    In order to honor Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (05.01.1921 – 23.04.2019) on his first memorial day, David Ianni and his publisher Universal Edition invited musicians to interpret their personal version of David’s ‘Adieu’, a composition that he wrote after the passing of the Grand Duke in late April 2019.

  • TOGETHER • Ettelbruck Anthem (April 2020)

    TOGETHER (Corona project for the city of Ettelbruck) ➝ info page

    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

  • LIVE AUS DER STUFF (April 2020)

    Streamed live concert from David’s home

  • ODE TO THE HELPERS (April 2020)

    A special work in progress for all the helpers


    World premiere of the first movement of David Ianni’s special string quartet “Ode to the Helpers”. This work honors everybody on the planet who helps us to overcome the COVID19 crisis. The composition has four solo movements for the four string instruments, each representing a quality of a good helper: “Focused“, “Calm“, “Loving“ and “Strong“. After the presentation of the solo pieces, these movements are played simultaneously in every possible combination (e.g. alto/cello, violon 1/violin 2/cello etc.) including the four musicians performing their piece at the same time to form the grand final movement of this “Ode to the Helpers”.

    Performed live by Ilan Schneider, solo violist of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg, on 31th March 2020 in a streaming concert from his living room for the concert series “Live aus der Stuff“ by “Maskénada”, with the support of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture.

    Ein besonderes Streichquartett für besondere Menschen in surrealen Zeiten: ein Dank an all jene, die uns helfen, diese Krise zu überwinden. „Ode to the Helpers“ besteht aus 4 eigenständigen Solo-Stücken für 4 Solo-Streichinstrumente. Die 4 Kompositionen können beliebig kombiniert – gleichzeitig – gespielt werden, ob 2, 3 oder alle 4 Instrumente zusammen, um so jedes Mal ein neues Stück zu bilden. Der erste Satz für Solo-Bratsche wurde von Ilan Schneider uraufgeführt.

  • RADIO INTERVIEWS about David’s “CORONA PROJECTS” (March/April 2020)

    David about his current “Corona projects”

    Interview RTL.lu vum 28.03.2020 (Luxembourgish)

    Interview Radio 100,7 vum 07.04.2020 (Luxembourgish)

  • FAREWELL PRAYERS • Album release (December 2019)


    David’s new album
    Digital release: 01.11.2019 | CD release: 13.12.2019

    Farewell Prayers is David’s most personal album so far: contemplative and emotional piano music that centers around the theme of farewell. The album contains hits like “Adieu” and “Forever” in addition to three songs by Michael Patrick Kelly that the composer rewrote for piano and the five-part cycle “Adoratio” which is based on Gregorian chants.

    Farewell Prayers ist Davids bislang persönlichstes Album: meditative und emotionale Klaviermusik, die sich mit dem Thema „Abschied“ auseinandersetzt. Neben Hits wie „Adieu“ und „Forever” enthält das Album drei Songs von Michael Patrick Kelly, die der Komponist für Klavier umgeschrieben habe, sowie den fünfteiligen Zyklus „Adoratio“, der auf gregorianischen Chorälen beruht.

    Read the liner notes here (English & deutsch).

    Available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

  • FOREVER • A music project for grieving children (October 2019)

    FOREVER (project for grieving children) ➝ info page

  • ADIEU • A musical tribute to H.R.H. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (May 2019)

    ADIEU – In memory of H.R.H. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg ➝ info page

  • FIR DECH DO • Télévie Luxembourg title song (April 2019)

    FIR DECH DO - THERE FOR YOU ➝ info page

  • CHILDHOOD • Music project fir SOS Children’s Village Luxembourg (Oct. 2018)

    CHILDHOOD (Anthem for SOS Children’s Village Luxembourg) ➝ info page

David Ianni’s MY URBAN PIANO (2017/2018)



All MY URBAN PIANO infos and and videos here

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A firework of pianistic brilliance and technical versatility.
Luxemburger Wort
Lyrisme et sens de l’image, un grand sens de la couleur et des atmosphères…
David Ianni holte seine Zuhörer ab aus der Rastlosigkeit des Alltags, um sie auf eine Reise in eine Welt einzuladen, in der es allein der Kraft der Klänge obliegt, Traumwelten zu erschließen, Bilder in die Luft zu zeichnen und die großen und kleinen Geschichten des Lebens zu erzählen.
Passauer Neue Presse
David Ianni laisse un souvenir impérissable au public avec ses sept valses, remarquables tant sur le plan de l’écriture que de l’interprétation.
Classic Agenda
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People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

If you want to have a musical composition written exclusively for you in order to give your personality, brand or institution a unique signature music that reaches the hearts, don’t hesitate to get in touch.